Any insurtech/fintech/insurance social media influencers you recommend following?

Emily Levitch
Marketing Associate at Ushur


Hello everybody,

I am always looking for insurance and insurtech/fintech industry pros to follow on Linkedin & Twitter. Does anybody have any good recommendations of who to follow to learn more?

My two recommendations:
Ushur’s own Meredith Barnes-Cook, Global Head of Insurance :slight_smile:
Insurtech Insights


I like following RPA Jargon Buster on LinkedIn!

I am super curious to see if any community members have blogs, newsletters, etc of their own that they share on their social media. I’d love to follow along or even feature you in Ushur Community :wink:

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You are too kind @emily.levitch! One of my favorites is Bryan Falchuk - he (literally) wrote the book (actually two) on The Future of Insurance!